I went to the Sobeys at Fischer-Hallman and Columbia to get some instant noodles, boxes of tissues, and a sunblock.

My 240 mililitre “Our Compliments” (a Sobeys housebrand) SPF 45 sunblock set me back $6.99 + 15% tax (1.05) = $8.04!
That’s eight Campbell’s Hearty Noodles instant meal, thirty-two Sobeys Raspberry Mini Danishes, or thirty-four Tazo Green Ginger tea filterbags!

Tears run down my face whenever I think about the thirty-two mini danishes or thirty-four teabags.

Well, I guess that the price you pay to not get skin cancer.

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  1. Har says:

    Hehe. That’s pennies compared to what Shopper’s drug mart charged me for some Coppertone. Wow, I wonder how many Life Brand products I could have brought with that amount.

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