Finger Eleven is, like, so rad!

I didn’t have anything to do Friday, so I decided to go to the Kitchener Best Buy and witness the breaking of the Guiness World Record (see the post from July 12, 2004).

I arrived at the Fairview Park Mall bus stop slightly before 5 p.m., so I decided to browse the mall, and, well, I got distracted at the Gap. It was already 6 p.m. when I got to Best Buy.

I had real hard time finding Finger Eleven in the store. They were just standing at the back corner, getting pictures taken by the tards (there were only about twenty of them – no world records broken here).

Later, I was in Kitchener downtown to pick up some magazines at KW Bookstore and to see how many tards have lined up for Finger Eleven. There were only thirty-one in the line. Thirty-one! I was quite disapponted to not see the Guiness World Records for most tards per square feet broken.

It was still a good day though. I got Tokion, Giant Robot, ReadyMade, and a $54.50 Gap shirt for $19.99.

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