An excerpt from Deformer, a short film by Mike Mills:

Empty hearts lack blood. Feel with your tongue.
I love everyone; I mean I love girls and boys; I probably even love you.
Love is really wonderful, especially if you love a lot of people, just not one.
One is lonely; a lot is fun.
I like fun; I like love. Love, love, love love.

Do you know who Mike Mills is? If you answered yes, then congratulations! You are officially a hipster; you may now collect your certificate.

If you said no, Mike Mills is, selon moi, one of the greatest commercial and music video directors. Among the videos he directed are Air‘s “Kelly Watch the Star” and “Sexy Boy.” Air loved his work so much, they named one of the tracks from their new album “Mike Mills.” Also, he created the Volkswagen commercial that doesn’t actually show the car (which is one of my most favourite commercials) and the Adidas “Forever Sport” campaign. Yeah, and he makes 85-dollar pillows.

Not everything about Mike Mills is fine and dandy though. He also created of one of the most reviled campaign in recent memory: the Gap West Side Story. Even more disturbing is the fact that he did commercials for DuPont (one of America’s coporate Satans), the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (the propaganda arm of tobacco and alcohol industry), and American Express.

A while ago, Mills decided to follow the steps of two other commercial/music video greats Spike Jonze (who is the ex-husband of Sofia Coppola, a parter of Mills’ production company the Director’s Bureau) and Michel Gondry (who is a friend to both Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze) and direct a feature film. The film, titled Thumbsucker after the book it is based on, stars Keanu Reeves and Vince Vaughn and features soundtrack by Air and The Polyphonic Spree (two of my most favourite bands).

Now, if you haven’t suspected already, I am a huge Mike Mills fanboy, and I want to see the movie so very very badly. What’s extremely worrying is the fact that the film has been stuck in post-production stage for almost a year when it is not rich in effects at all. Moreover, Focus Features, the movie’s production company, does not have the film listed in the “Coming Soon” section. I am beginning to think the film may have been axed (or maybe not). This really pisses me off. I want the soundtrack (which I expect to be an aural orgy), and I want it NOW. If they — I am not sure who — kill the soundtrack, I will hit them with blunt instruments until they die.

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3 Responses to Thumbsucker

  1. Har says:

    Oh a Spree fan. Do you own the robe?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t agree more…

    Gagging to see this movie.


  3. gloom says:

    Har: No, but I will buy it as soon as I see one.

    Jen: It makes me glad to know that I am not the only freak.

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