The exams left you frustrated, and you want to die?

Well, first, please don’t kill yourself. I mean, at least you didn’t drive into the Kinko’s. (If you’re the guy who drove into the Kinko’s, well, umm, at least you are not this guy.)

But, if you one day found your life completely unlivable beyond any doubt, you have the comfort of knowing that your school, the University of Waterloo, provides plenty of places for easy, quick suicide. This, in my opinion, almost makes up for the horrible teachers, abysmal co-op job prospect, and vitriolic service at the Housing Office.

Now, here are some of the fine places where you can end your life.

Davis Centre 2 has a set of special doors to help frustrated grad students make their problems go away instantly. Posted by Hello

CEIT has this garden thingy on the second floor. I think you can jump off from there. (I might be mistaken; it’s been a while since I’ve been there.) Posted by Hello

CEIT also has a balcony overlooking the March Networks® Exhibit AtriumTMPosted by Hello

MC balcony on the third floor can serve more than 87 people per minute. Posted by Hello

Jumping onto the sculptures will guarantee your death. Avoid those embarassing post-failed-suicide-moments with friends and family. Posted by Hello

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5 Responses to The exams left you frustrated, and you want to die?

  1. You forgot all the perfectly good hazards in Engineering. I mean, between the choice of jumping off a building like a lemming and getting your head glamorously loped off by a fricken’ laser, which one would you pick?

  2. gloom says:

    Well, I guess it would be much more glamorous (and fun) have an army of robots beat you to death with CRC reference books, but wouldn’t it require at least some knowledge of engineering? Think of us mathies. (And think of the ESers, artsies, and AHSers(?) too.)

  3. Well if you want to go all the way with monster killer robots I can see how that could be a problem, but it’s nothing that could not be resolved with a stick of gum, a swiss army chainsaw, McGyver, and a group of kidnapped engineering students. Just remember not to feed them or get them wet after 12:00. And don’t expose them to sunlight – they are allergic to it. But that pretty much goes for any geek.

  4. Har says:

    You forgot the third floor of SLC. But I guess that’s more if you want a theaterical good bye with lots of people munching on over priced Brubaker’s food watching you.

  5. gloom says:

    It would indeed be very fun to eat pizza and watch someone die at the same time.

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