"Mr. Wizard – The Legend of Speed"

I got the current issue of RES a couple days ago, and along with it came the Nike “Art of Speed” DVD containing a collection of short films (about the “speed”) commissioned by Nike. I watched it my sister, and I liked it very much. I know I am supposed to throw it away in disgust or at least be very blasé about it, but I was extremely bored and all the pretty colours on the DVD slipcase excited me too much.

The best short was “Mr. Wizard – The Legend of Speed” by Friends With You. Its ending is just absolutely mind-bending.

This is the craziest thing I have seen in last three months. Posted by Hello

While most of the shorts were pretty good or at the least worth watching it once, a few were just terrible. Yeah, shame on you Associates in Science; your short is just crap. (These people also made the crap Interpol video. It won’t be long before they find themselves on trial at the International Court of Justice.)

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  1. K-Squared says:

    Well, it was nice visting with you via your blog, which I found quite ammusing.

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