Back in Waterloo, started co-op job, voted in B.C. election

I voted in B.C. provincial election by absentee ballot.

It was the most enjoyable vote so far as I was actually able to vote for the party I want to vote for, not the Liberals for the fear of the Conservatives, as I had in every other election that I cast vote in (2003 Ontario provincial and 2004 federal). See, there’s no chance that anyone other than the B.C. Liberal (read B.C. Neo/Social-Con Alliance – it’s not affiliated with the federal Liberals at all) candidate is going to get elected in my hillbilly inland B.C. riding, so there’s no point wasting my vote for NDP, which I don’t really trust anyways.

I should also mention that B.C. is having a referendum on whether to replace with the completely retarded “first past the post” system with “single transferable vote” system. There has been a lot of bitching about the new system, but I voted yes as I found most of them pretty unconvincing.

For example, some have claimed that Ireland, which use the STV system, have very few women and minorities in its parliament and the same thing’s going to happen in B.C. WTF? It’s like that in Ireland because it’s a ultra-conservative, hyper-religious country that was ruled by the Catholic Church until just a few decades ago. More popular is the one that goes like “oh my fucking god, B.C. Liberals are going to be in power for ever and ever because STV will stop people from voting strategically and the left vote (which NDP currently gets most of) will be split between NDP, Greens, Marijuana, and Sex Party.” Considering that the two major factions (Jesus-freaks vs. secular neo-cons) in the B.C. Liberal Party are always out to get each other, and that the party’s made up mostly of ruthless opportunists, with a electoral system that allows candidates from small parties to get elected (such as STV), it’s quite possible that the right will be split into even smaller pieces than the left.

Well, at least that’s what I think.

I have to work tomorrow; I should sleep.

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1 Response to Back in Waterloo, started co-op job, voted in B.C. election

  1. Dave says:

    Isn’t Green considered center-right? They’re heavily environmental and have some left-leaning policies, but also are fiscally conservative…

    Correct me if I’m wrong..

    I think Green’s will do better in the next 10 years.. if they get their act together.

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