Monthly Archives: August 2005

Moving into a new place

I’ve moved into a new place a week ago. It’s really close from this place. Perhaps, I should go stalk them a little.

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Up and coming alternapop producer Jon Brion's newest client

It turns out Jon Brion has co-produced Kanye West’s new album. This kinda sucks as I vaguely hate Kanye, but worse things have happened.

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Terry Richardson's web site is back online

It’s back online, minus the extensive photo collection it had in its previous incarnation. Perhaps this is to blame for the now missing photos?

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Is Stella the most brilliant show on television?

Stella is, like, so fucking funny. I almost choked to death from laughing during the bull-fighting dance scene. Yeah, so like it’s really fucking funny, you should like watch it and stuff.

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