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Overheard in a store on Queen St.

“I really want to go, but I can’t because I have a project that I have to do that is, like, not retail.”

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Michael Ian Black is my hero

From Michael Ian Black is a Very Famous Celebrity: “Some People Do Not Like Celebrities” I only hope these same people will accept and support me on my next television project, Albert Schweitzer Can Suck Me, in which I use … Continue reading

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Test post

My main blog’s here.

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mathNEWS' extremely brief moment of relevance

A few days ago, I’ve made a startling discovery: mathNEWS was semi-relevant for a very brief moment in 1996. For those of you who have no idea what a mathNEWS is, it is the publication of Math students at the … Continue reading

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Apparently, it’s completely unclear whether I am male, female, or even a person. I’ve read through my past entries, and well, I couldn’t tell whether I am a guy, gal, or industrial meat grinder. So here it is, some rudimentary … Continue reading

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Resfest is coming to Toronto

Resfest is once again coming to Toronto. I bought tickets for Four Seasons of Traktor: A Retrospective and Triple Threat. I decided against going to this year’s headlining event, the Beck retrospective. While I worship Beck and most of his … Continue reading

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What to read: Tokion

I just fucking love Tokion. It’s one of the very few ‘hip’ magazines that are insightful, informative, and actually hip, if slightly pretentious. The latest issue (issue #49) features interviews with Sufjan Stevens, Amy Sedaris, and Takashi Murakami among others. … Continue reading

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