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Going back to Waterloo

I am going back to Waterloo on the 31st on AC8225 and then on AC156.

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Let's say Sufjan Stevens is gay, part 4

Let’s say Sufjan Stevens is indeed gay. Well then, what kind of gay would he be? I mean, does he look like a fem submissive or a straight-acting macho-gay, a bear or a twink, and most importantly, a top or … Continue reading

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Q: How do you know if a blog is lame or not?

A: If the writer of the blog refers to his or her writings as “rants” or “ramblings,” you can say with 90% certainty that the blog is lame. The failure to press the back button will make your IQ drop … Continue reading

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Horrible, horrible, lame people you pray to god you will never have to talk to

Facebook has to be most entertaining web site ever. All those ‘tards we see every time we pass through the RCH-Physics-Porter triangle have their profiles on it, explaining in hilarious details what makes their retardation unique. As much as I … Continue reading

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Who gives a damn if Sufjan Stevens is gay? part 3

I spent an hour yesterday to comb through Sufjan Stevens’ songs to see if there’s any homoerotic elements lurking aside from the now-infamous “I am really just like John Wayne Gacy” bit, and to my surprise, I found, like, a … Continue reading

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Wholphin: painfully hip in the most pretentious way

Last weekend, I got a copy of Wholphin, Dave Eggers’ latest project, along with the specially overpriced December/January issue of The Believer. It wasn’t as good as I expected, but it wasn’t a huge disappoitment either. Patton Oswalt stares at … Continue reading

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"<insert name here> gay"

According to Measure Map, the following are the people or things on whose name the visitors of this blog performed “<insert name here> gay” seaches so far: Sufjan Stevens I am vigorously investigating Sufjan Stevens’ alleged gayness by listening to … Continue reading

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