Video roundup


  • Honda UK’s new commercial, available for viewing here (low-res Flash), here, (medium-res progressive Quicktime) and here (high-res Flash, w/o the slight sepia tint).
    According to adland, this is the first of two spots for Honda by W+K London. The cost for the two spots is estimated to be over £3 million (or $6 million Canadian). The director Ivan Zacharias is most famous for the Levi’s “French Dictionary” spot featuring Gael Garcia Bernal.
    This has got to be one of the most cinematic commercials ever made.
  • The new Gap ad by Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola’s ex-husband. Available here (low-res Flash, final cut) and here (medium-res progressive Quicktime, director’s cut).
  • Trailer from Sofia Coppola’s new movie, Marie-Antoinette. Available here (medium-res Windows Media stream) and here (medium-res progressive Quicktime)
    The New Order song as background music works strangely well. God, I love Sofia Coppola.
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