125 Columbia on the move?

I was feeling sad yesterday over the fact no one uses my off-campus housing mapper. After a half an hour or so of moping, I got tired of it and decided to cheer myself up by searching for random houses; that way at least one person (that is, me) is using it. This twisted exercise in self-assuagement unexpectedly led to a startling discovery: 125 Columbia St. W is seeking a new group of tenants for Fall 2006.

Will this venerable UW blogging institution stick together to continue their sleepless nights of writing and proofreading vaguely racist flamebaits at a new location? Will the new tenants claim the right to blog under the “125 Columbia” banner, resulting in an epic battle of honour (and purported expertises in trademark laws) between the men (and/or women) of two houses on the uwstudent.org troll board? How will Tom Levesque defend his title as the most hate-mailed man on campus once Sen starts writing for the Imprint, you know, for grad school applications?

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