So, there's this rumour about Stephen Harper…

From “B.C. Case May Change Politics Forever,” an editorial by Stephen Harper published in The Toronto Sun on April 8, 2000:

It seems like a thousand years ago that I went to Ottawa to assist Deborah Grey, Reform’s first and then only MP.

No sooner had Deborah and I arrived in Ottawa than I became aware of three political lies circulating on Parliament Hill. The first was that Deborah was homosexual. The second was that I was homosexual. And the third was that we were sleeping together!

Wait, it gets even better:

Anyone who gets involved in the process will quickly come to realize that lying and politics go together like scandalous dresses and Oscar night.

Scandalous dresses? Oscar night? I mean, what the fuck? Did Harper just out himself?

And, uhh, can somebody elaborate on these rumours?

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