People you saw in classes, now on the Internet

I guess it’s really true: everyone has a blog.

This guy was in some math class (can’t remember which one), this guy was in my CS 246 lecture section, and this guy was in that horrible combinatorics class. And, I am pretty sure I saw him on Columbia St. a few days ago; I don’t think he was in any of my classes though.

O-em-gee, indeed.

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7 Responses to People you saw in classes, now on the Internet

  1. harry says:

    and who might you be..?

  2. gloom says:

    Harry, you don’t remember me?

    I was that guy who was in that math class. You know, I always sat at the front, the middle, or the back?

  3. sean says:

    How’d you track us down?

  4. gloom says:

    Sean, here’s how I found you:
    Matt’s blog is a part of UW blogger web ring.
    I wondered what’s at This is how I found your blog.
    I looked through the entries, and I found your face oddly familiar.
    Later, I realized that you were in my CS 246 class.

  5. harry says:

    perhaps if you gave your name…

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  7. har says:

    Yeah, try seeing people on campus who you only read about on other people’s blogs. Awk! Ward!

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