Baby dream

Last night, I had the most intense dream in ages. At least, I think I did; I can’t, for the life of me, remember any details.

One thing for sure is that as I woke up, I had this biting desire to hold, hug, smell, and smooch a baby, specifically a son that I’ve fathered. And, this feeling has stayed with me all day.

Confusing though it is (I thought only women had this kind of dreams), I felt strangely happy and uplifted. As I was waiting in line to confirm my psych appointments at Health Services, I wondered whether I should have one of those man-with-a-low-self-esteem-wondering-if-the-world-really-needs-more-losers-like-him crisis, but then I figured I needn’t worry about it; it’s probably just Paxil messing with my mind.

While I feel very happy (only if irrationally so), I get this ominous feeling that a year from now, I will be visiting a nice, professional lesbian couple every month to hold, hug, smell, and smooch my biological son.

God, I really need to switch to a different antidepressant.

But then, saying “I am 29 years old, and, by the way, I have a 7 year old son with this lesbian couple that I know” will sure get the conversations going at white-collar, upper middle class social gatherings. Or, make the room go completely silent.

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2 Responses to Baby dream

  1. Gretel says:

    It was probably the Paxil. So no good excuse to visit the lesbian couple now…

    My weirdest dreams have been related to (in order of weirdness production):
    Jet Lag
    Altitude Sickness
    Cheese + port just before bedtime (a long way behind the others)

    My second weirdest dream ever was giving birth to a red pepper. It really didn’t seem that bad at the time and wasn’t at all gory but for some reason seems to freak people out! OK, it is a bit (very) weird, but you can’t control your dreams. Caused by jet lag.

  2. Gretel says:

    Any relation between the dream and baby grave photos?

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