Monthly Archives: September 2006

D.O.G. O.B.G.Y.N

Oh, I love you Wonder Showzen.

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God, I hate Death Cab for Cutie

And I hate Postal Service even more. Just needed to reiterate that.

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I thought I had crazy eyebrows

Intel VP Stephen L. Smith tells the IDF attendees about the small animals he caught last weekend with his eyebrows.

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Tragedy that is Intel's new ad campaign

Earlier today, as I was about half way through my daily compulsive tech industry web site visits (a daily frenzy driven by subclinical O.C.D.), I was hit in the face with an anorexic soccer mom exploding into an epileptic seizure … Continue reading

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When I grow up, I want to be Jeff Harris

I want to work for Maclean’s, be friends with Douglas Coupland and Bruce LaBruce, and grow a creepy moustache. Yeah, and I want to be a princess.

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It's official: Usher is a retard

Usher on the musical Chicago: It’s the Andy Warhol of Broadway.

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