Tragedy that is Intel's new ad campaign

Earlier today, as I was about half way through my daily compulsive tech industry web site visits (a daily frenzy driven by subclinical O.C.D.), I was hit in the face with an anorexic soccer mom exploding into an epileptic seizure kaleidoscope, courtesy of Intel.

I am left to guess it to be either an insipid rip-off of Michel Gondry’s masterpiece “Let Forever Be” or some sort of a video tribute to Satan.

Intel's army of retarded mimes

Sadly, this is not the worst part of the campaign. The newly-designed product page for Intel Core 2 Duo sports a puzzle where visitors are asked to figure out which retarded mime represents which Intel product or “product” (I am talking about you Intel Viiv).

Someone’s going to hell for this.

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