The Spiegel Brothers Mystery

Did you know Spike Jonze, the guy who used to be Sofia Coppola’s husband, has a little brother? Well, he has one and the man’s name is Squeak E. Clean. Here’s a nice picture of the two brothers.

Spike Jonze and his brother Squeak E. Clean
Left: Adam Spiegel, a.k.a. Spike Jonze; Right: Sam Spiegel, a.k.a. Squeak E. Clean

Now, some questions arise:

  • How in the hell is Squeak E. Clean 27 years old? He looks old enough to have two kids in college.
  • How in the hell is Spike Jonze 37 years old? He looks like he just graduated from college. Is he drinking from the same super-secret Scientologist fountain of youth Beck supposedly drinks out of?
  • Are they really brothers? Could any two people of the same ethnicity (Jewish) look more different?
  • Why did Spike and Sofia Coppola get divorced? Was it because of Cameron Diaz? Was Giovanni Ribisi’s character in Lost in Translation based on Spike? Was Anna Faris’ based on Cameron Diaz? What about Scarlett Johansson? Was her character Sofia?
  • Is Spike sore that Sofia, Charlie Kaufmann, and Michel Gondry all won an Oscar, and he has yet to?
  • Are they really brothers? I mean, Jesus, look at them.
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