The following bands will become uncool on November 14

CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) is featured on the front page of Zune's web site
In addition to having their single and video pre-loaded on Zune, Cansei de Ser Sexy is featured on the front page of Zune’s web site.

Hot Chip's "Over & Over" is being played on a brown Zune device
Hot Chip’s video for “Over & Over” comes pre-loaded with Zune. It is also prominently featured on the official press photo of the brown Zune.

Thanks to Microsoft’s let’s-attach-it-to-cool-bands-and-hope-some-of-their-coolness-will-wear-off line of wishful thinking, come November 14, the works of Cansei de Ser Sexy and Hot Chip (among those of others – the full damage list is here) will be unleashed upon the filthy, unwashed masses known as “the mainstream.”

These uncultured simpletons will most likely fall in love with the bands. Not only is their music excellent, some of the members of the two bands (Lovefoxx and the drummer in CSS; the three non-original members in Hot Chip) are very good looking. It is a matter of time before one wouldn’t be able to mention either of the two bands without being showered with gloating but annoyingly uninformed opinions about them.

As much as I hope CSS and Hot Chip be rewarded for their talents (I really wish Lovefoxx become ultra-famous and start touring the world with a children’s choir and two American homosexuals), I just can’t bear the concept of clicking their names on Facebook and being bombarded with an endless list of known campus retards.

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