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Ty Pennington: your friendly neighbourhood drug pusher

Ty Pennington is seen here shilling for Adderall XR, an amphetamine-based ADHD treatment from the British pharmaceutical giant Shire PLC. Here, Ty Pennington is pushing Aspirin from Bayer Consumer Care, a unit of Bayer AG. It appears Ty Pennington, the … Continue reading

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Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan in 2009?

Jimmy Fallon Said to Be in NBC’s Late-Night Plans [NYT] The worst news ever.

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Je t'aime John Wayne

One of the funniest short films I have ever seen. A shortened version of this ran as an ad for FCUK a few years back.

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2007: a year of breakthrough psychotropics?

Could 2007 be a year of new blockbuster psych meds? If these drugs pass Phase III trials, it could be. SR 58611 is a beta 3-adrenoreceptor agonist being developed by the French mega-conglomerate sanofi-aventis. It will be the first in … Continue reading

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Marie Antoinette: the most culturally significant film of 2006

Is Marie Antoinette the best movie of 2006? Not really. But, is it the most culturally significant? Definitely so. I’ll explain why. Marie Antoinette is a wholly new kind of film: an autobiographical picture masquerading as a period drama. The … Continue reading

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Where are my CDSA-scheduled drugs?

I’ve been flipping through Amy Sedaris’ new book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence last couple of days. In the chapter about accommodating sick guests, Sedaris instructs the reader to replace herbal craps in the medicine cabinet with stuff … Continue reading

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Some comments on The New Yorker's review of Sarah Silverman Program

Discussed in this post: “Hostile Acts” by Tad Friend. Published on and presumably also in print. I was so fucking impressed with this article after I read it for the first time. Who other than a critic for a … Continue reading

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