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Jay Leno pretends he's the victim, shows his sociopath colours

Jay Leno’s so fucking sad that these corporate bullies at NBC is moving him back to 11:35 p.m., something that he doesn’t want to do. Leno apparently has completely forgotten that he has been going around saying he want the … Continue reading

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NBC to fire Conan, place Leno back in the 11:35pm slot

Can someone explain how this can even happen? I am not talking about fairness or justice or anything like that. This decision just makes no sense. Update: The situation looks worse than originally reported. NBC has given Leno the 11:35pm … Continue reading

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Google now requires you to register with your real name and SSN

No Backbone As Google Bows To Korean Government And Bans Users With Fake Names [Silicon Valley Watcher]. In Korea. And, it only costs 900 grands to get Google to handover personal information of people who post videos that are potentially … Continue reading

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Bill C-15 proposes clasifying Adderall and other ADHD drugs as a hard drug

Bill C-15, currently just past the first reading in the parliament, proposes, among other things, moving all amphetamines, even the types approved for treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), from Schedule III to Schedule I. This would put drugs containing … Continue reading

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Amazon quietly launches electronics store for Canada Electronics No TVs, DSLRs, or iPods yet though. But, if you need a blue 8GB Zune in your mailbox tomorrow afternoon, Amazon’s got one ready to ship out immediately. Hopefully, Amazon will expand its offerings quickly and finally put … Continue reading

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Volkswagen briefly became the largest company in the world by market value

Volkswagen’s regular shares are trading at over €850, down a bit from the intra-day high of €1005. At €1005, market capitalization of Volkswagen comes out to over €296 billion (about $368 billion), toppling Exxon Mobil’s $343 billion valuation. The sudden … Continue reading

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Who is this "Michael" from Waterloo?

I was just listening to The Best Show With Tom Scharpling from September 16th on iTunes, and at the 1h59m58s mark, someone claiming to be “Michael” from Waterloo, a football player in his second year originally of Hamilton, calls in. … Continue reading

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