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Google now requires you to register with your real name and SSN

No Backbone As Google Bows To Korean Government And Bans Users With Fake Names [Silicon Valley Watcher]. In Korea. And, it only costs 900 grands to get Google to handover personal information of people who post videos that are potentially … Continue reading

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Bill C-15 proposes clasifying Adderall and other ADHD drugs as a hard drug

Bill C-15, currently just past the first reading in the parliament, proposes, among other things, moving all amphetamines, even the types approved for treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), from Schedule III to Schedule I. This would put drugs containing … Continue reading

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David Foster Wallace is dead?

Waaaa? This is a really sad day. Jonathan Franzen may finally get his wish to destroy experimental fiction fulfilled. One can only hope this is some sort of a horrible joke, which is definitely a possibility since David Foster Wallace … Continue reading

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The most disturbing thing I have seen in person

A men’s room at a Tim Horton’s in one of those yucky Vancouver satellite cities that smell like fertilizer: it’s the kind that just has one sink and one toilet and locks from the inside. As I was washing my … Continue reading

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The New Republic is more irrelevant now than ever, and you shouldn't watch Family Guy if you don't like the idea of a genocide against Palestinians

Remember The New Republic? The (formerly) left-of-centre, Washington, D.C.-based magazine that used to be the most relevant forum for American liberal ideas in early to mid-90’s until it got totally fucked over by that motherfucker Stephen Glass in 1998? The … Continue reading

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Ty Pennington: your friendly neighbourhood drug pusher

Ty Pennington is seen here shilling for Adderall XR, an amphetamine-based ADHD treatment from the British pharmaceutical giant Shire PLC. Here, Ty Pennington is pushing Aspirin from Bayer Consumer Care, a unit of Bayer AG. It appears Ty Pennington, the … Continue reading

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Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan in 2009?

Jimmy Fallon Said to Be in NBC’s Late-Night Plans [NYT] The worst news ever.

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