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I've just had the greatest idea ever

Will I find it to be really lame next week? We will see.

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The New Republic is more irrelevant now than ever, and you shouldn't watch Family Guy if you don't like the idea of a genocide against Palestinians

Remember The New Republic? The (formerly) left-of-centre, Washington, D.C.-based magazine that used to be the most relevant forum for American liberal ideas in early to mid-90’s until it got totally fucked over by that motherfucker Stephen Glass in 1998? The … Continue reading

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Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan in 2009?

Jimmy Fallon Said to Be in NBC’s Late-Night Plans [NYT] The worst news ever.

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Tragedy that is Intel's new ad campaign

Earlier today, as I was about half way through my daily compulsive tech industry web site visits (a daily frenzy driven by subclinical O.C.D.), I was hit in the face with an anorexic soccer mom exploding into an epileptic seizure … Continue reading

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Waterloo housing mapper refreshed

The housing mapper has been refreshed. Features include: NEW – Google Maps instead of the slow, Flash-based Yahoo! Maps NEW – Faster housing retrieval, hopefully. Uses the current (almost; if someone made the same query less than four hours before, … Continue reading

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One more reason to hate that Jimmy Fallon Pepsi commercial

That annoying new Pepsi commercial (8.2MB QuickTime) starring the eternal fucktard Jimmy Fallon and Parker Posey (who, by the way, looks like a slightly less mutant Julia Roberts) is a rip of a Spike Jonze short from a few years … Continue reading

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Let's say Sufjan Stevens is gay, part 4

Let’s say Sufjan Stevens is indeed gay. Well then, what kind of gay would he be? I mean, does he look like a fem submissive or a straight-acting macho-gay, a bear or a twink, and most importantly, a top or … Continue reading

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