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The New Republic is more irrelevant now than ever, and you shouldn't watch Family Guy if you don't like the idea of a genocide against Palestinians

Remember The New Republic? The (formerly) left-of-centre, Washington, D.C.-based magazine that used to be the most relevant forum for American liberal ideas in early to mid-90’s until it got totally fucked over by that motherfucker Stephen Glass in 1998? The … Continue reading

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Canada loves Effexor

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Things I've learned in the past two weeks

Paxil gives you sweaty palms and makes you sleep way more than you used to. A certain Mr. Sean Lynch is in my CS 350 class and has a deep baritone voice (I saw him multiple times before, but I’ve … Continue reading

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How old are they?

Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton of Arab Strap are both 32 years old, and this picture is from at least three years ago, which means they would have been at most 29 when this picture was taken. Peaches (a.k.a. Merrill … Continue reading

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Waterloo housing mapper refreshed

The housing mapper has been refreshed. Features include: NEW – Google Maps instead of the slow, Flash-based Yahoo! Maps NEW – Faster housing retrieval, hopefully. Uses the current (almost; if someone made the same query less than four hours before, … Continue reading

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People you saw in classes, now on the Internet

I guess it’s really true: everyone has a blog. This guy was in some math class (can’t remember which one), this guy was in my CS 246 lecture section, and this guy was in that horrible combinatorics class. And, I … Continue reading

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So, there's this rumour about Stephen Harper…

From “B.C. Case May Change Politics Forever,” an editorial by Stephen Harper published in The Toronto Sun on April 8, 2000: It seems like a thousand years ago that I went to Ottawa to assist Deborah Grey, Reform’s first and … Continue reading

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