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There Will Be Blood Blu-ray disc sold out

Blu-ray version of There Will Be Blood, which goes on sale today in North America, is sold out, and it’s only 3 a.m. on the east coast. Is it the killer title Blu-ray camp has been looking for, or did … Continue reading

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Rescue Dawn is finally going to released on July 4

Rescue Dawn! Open July 4 in LA, NYC! July 13 in 7 more cities (probably San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto and a few others)! 50 cities by July 27! 93% positive review on Rotten Tomatoes! Hooray! Impossibly cool, super-crazy director and … Continue reading

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Je t'aime John Wayne

One of the funniest short films I have ever seen. A shortened version of this ran as an ad for FCUK a few years back.

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Marie Antoinette: the most culturally significant film of 2006

Is Marie Antoinette the best movie of 2006? Not really. But, is it the most culturally significant? Definitely so. I’ll explain why. Marie Antoinette is a wholly new kind of film: an autobiographical picture masquerading as a period drama. The … Continue reading

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