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David Foster Wallace is dead?

Waaaa? This is a really sad day. Jonathan Franzen may finally get his wish to destroy experimental fiction fulfilled. One can only hope this is some sort of a horrible joke, which is definitely a possibility since David Foster Wallace … Continue reading

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Hey, you're hurting Grandpa

(AP/Stephan Savoia)

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Two comics, one academic, and a writer agree: Mike Lazaridis is a blowhard

Paul F. Tompkins says so, so it must be.

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Ding-dong, the witch is dead?

Karl Rove to Resign At the End of August [WSJ]

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Ty Pennington: your friendly neighbourhood drug pusher

Ty Pennington is seen here shilling for Adderall XR, an amphetamine-based ADHD treatment from the British pharmaceutical giant Shire PLC. Here, Ty Pennington is pushing Aspirin from Bayer Consumer Care, a unit of Bayer AG. It appears Ty Pennington, the … Continue reading

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Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan in 2009?

Jimmy Fallon Said to Be in NBC’s Late-Night Plans [NYT] The worst news ever.

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Some comments on The New Yorker's review of Sarah Silverman Program

Discussed in this post: “Hostile Acts” by Tad Friend. Published on and presumably also in print. I was so fucking impressed with this article after I read it for the first time. Who other than a critic for a … Continue reading

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