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Who is this "Michael" from Waterloo?

I was just listening to The Best Show With Tom Scharpling from September 16th on iTunes, and at the 1h59m58s mark, someone claiming to be “Michael” from Waterloo, a football player in his second year originally of Hamilton, calls in. … Continue reading

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A full-blown Waterloo Facebook investigation

After spending several hours cyberstalking analyzing the situation on Waterloo Facebook network, I’ve become quite convinced that it is packed full of insane/retarded/clueless people. I will be exploiting them for cheap laughs in coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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People at Waterloo has a really bad taste (formerly "Reasons to hate Waterloo"), part 2

17 people on Waterloo Facebook network count Deadwood among their favourite shows. Compare that to the number of people whose favourite shows include My Name Is Earl, starring the insufferable Scientologist Jason Lee: 86. That’s about 1 to 5.

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Reasons to hate Waterloo, part 1

Facebook returns exactly two people when a favourite author search is performed for Umberto Eco. Two people. Two.

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Waterloo housing mapper refreshed

The housing mapper has been refreshed. Features include: NEW – Google Maps instead of the slow, Flash-based Yahoo! Maps NEW – Faster housing retrieval, hopefully. Uses the current (almost; if someone made the same query less than four hours before, … Continue reading

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Paul Martin to visit UW tommorow

According to The Globe, Paul Martin will be at UW tommorow morning or early afternoon. Please, somebody do something outrageous; it’s beeen a year and half since the last time something even remotely anarchistic happened, and we’re barely holding on … Continue reading

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Horrible, horrible, lame people you pray to god you will never have to talk to

Facebook has to be most entertaining web site ever. All those ‘tards we see every time we pass through the RCH-Physics-Porter triangle have their profiles on it, explaining in hilarious details what makes their retardation unique. As much as I … Continue reading

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