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Midly talented Canadian writer hawks BlackBerry Pearl

Douglas Coupland, every wannabe “hipster” girl’s favourite writer, is on the new BlackBerry Pearl ads. Puke.

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Native American vacation, gorgeous waitresses, and 'Tees for Tards'

What do they have in common? They are all being hawked on this site through Google AdSense. That’s right; I’ve sold out completely. But, hey, I gotta milk my declining readership (not as many people care whether Sufjan Stevens is … Continue reading

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McGill's ass to be owned by WinZip International LLC

Apparently, doing a Google Code Search for “keygen” turns up serial number generator code for WinZip written by McGill students and hosted on the university’s web site. One can only imagine the monetary compensation WinZip International LLC will demand from … Continue reading

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