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Who gives a damn if Sufjan Stevens is gay? part 1

Apparently, a lot of people do. According to Measure Map and Google Analytics, approximately half of visitors get here by searching some variation of “sufjan stevens gay.” This got me wondering: why do people care if Sufjan Stevens is gay, … Continue reading

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Overheard in the Toronto Urban Outfitters

“I get a boner just looking at this pants.”

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School of CS sells naming right to a real m*****f***er

It appears naming right to UW School of CS has been sold to a certain Dr. David R. Cheriton of Stanford, California for a meager $25 million. (According to the press release, the lowly undergraduates, as usual, will never see … Continue reading

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New major funding for CS?

From a MathSoc spam important announcement sent out earlier today: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ David Johnston, President, University of Waterloo, Thomas F. Coleman, Dean, Faculty of Mathematics, and Johnny Wong, Director, School of Computer Science invite you to attend a major gift announcement … Continue reading

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How do people get here?

According to my beloved Measure Map tracker, the following keywords are bringing in the most visitors to this blog: “maya rudolph’s baby,” “tokion,” “sufjan stevens gay,” “is isaac brock gay?” and “michael ian black gay.” Well, my curious visitors, here’s … Continue reading

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I heart Amazon Mechanical Turk

Now, when I can’t go to sleep because of heavy caffeine consumption, instead of playing minesweeper, I can make money (albeit about dollar an hour at most).

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UW off-campus housing mapper

Finally something that’s kinda useful on this blog. University of Waterloo off-campus housing mapper, brought to you by me.

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