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This is so scary

What the fuck is going on here?

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What's on Douglas Coupland's web site right now

This. Is this supposed to be news? And that Georgia Straight logo, its placement couldn’t be more ironic.

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So, there's this rumour about Stephen Harper…

From “B.C. Case May Change Politics Forever,” an editorial by Stephen Harper published in The Toronto Sun on April 8, 2000: It seems like a thousand years ago that I went to Ottawa to assist Deborah Grey, Reform’s first and … Continue reading

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125 Columbia on the move?

I was feeling sad yesterday over the fact no one uses my off-campus housing mapper. After a half an hour or so of moping, I got tired of it and decided to cheer myself up by searching for random houses; … Continue reading

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How did this happen?

God, I still can’t belive this. Couldn’t we at least have elected someone who isn’t riding on the bullet train to Heart-attack-ville? Harper seriously needs to lose sixty pounds if he wants to live past fifty.

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Movies to look forward to this year

Marie-Antoinette – Sofia Coppola There Will Be Blood – Paul Thomas Anderson Art School Confidential – Terry Zwigoff/Daniel Clowes Grind House – Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino The Science of Sleep – Michel Gondry Block Party – Michel Gondry/Dave Chappelle … Continue reading

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