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Canada loves Effexor

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Goodbye Paxil, hello Effexor

Got the idea from indigo-witch.

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Baby dream

Last night, I had the most intense dream in ages. At least, I think I did; I can’t, for the life of me, remember any details. One thing for sure is that as I woke up, I had this biting … Continue reading

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I am a Paxil zombie

Ever since the dose has been upped four weeks ago, I’ve been either sleeping 12+ hours a day, or feeling like shit because I got less than 12 hours of sleep the previous night. Before Paxil, I was depressed, but … Continue reading

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Merck Cervical Cancer Vaccine Wins Backing From U.S. Advisers The U.S. FDA advisory panel endorsed the approval of Merck’s new genital warts vaccine. Now, only if there was a vaccine for the dreaded herpes.

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I am feeling sooooo sleepy

Damn you, Paxil.

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Give me your money

Beginning today, you can talk to me on the phone for USD 0.30 per minute. So, if you are just dying to talk to a clinically depressed social retard, please call 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 01557686 or click the button below. Some … Continue reading

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